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Harrow Woman Jailed for Flooding Emergency Lines with Incessant Nuisance Calls

Sonia Nixon, 56, of Harrow has been sentenced to 22 weeks in prison for making over 2,000 nuisance calls to emergency services between 2021 and 2024, and for racially abusing workers. She utilized 17 different phones, significantly disrupting services. Additionally, she received a five-year Criminal Behaviour Order to restrict her from unnecessary emergency contacts, addressing the broader issue of misuse of emergency resources and the strain it causes on services.

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Gordon’s squatting nightmare

We reported previously that a group of at least six squatters had gained entry to Gordon Ramsay’s York and Albany pub, on the edge of Regent’s Park, early last week. Ramsay had previously called the police last Wednesday to have them removed, but Met officers refused to attend due to the occupation being a “civil…

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